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Our Roots

The company started in 2013 and from the outset strived to hold children’s voices and stories at the heart of what we do. We moved from a psychology practice, to a multi-disciplinary service, to a specialised trauma-focused and attachment-based team in 2018. This decision was guided by a desire to shape and influence change for children who have been hurt and harmed and to build a community of informed, educated and compassionate adults who can help in the repair process. This community starts in Treehouse Practice with all of us but is so much bigger than us. It’s about communities, it’s about natural, every day supports for children and it’s about guiding, shaping and nurturing these systems. Over the past year we have incorporated multi-disciplinary services back under the umbrella of Treehouse Practice.

  • Put yourself in the child’s shoes
  • Sustainability through balance
  • Nurturing trust
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We strive to empower young hearts
to heal and thrive.

Our Purpose & Values 

Each value is defined by a set of  behaviours that operationalise how to bring the value to life in our work with clients, stakeholders and each other.  These are the standards to which we hold ourselves and each other accountable and a clear framework for how we work.

Sustainability through balance

We hold multiple perspectives.

We take ownership of the impact of our work and the supports we need.

We place value and boundaries on the work that we do.

Put yourself in the child’s shoes

We hold space for the voice of the child.

We will step in to advocate for the child.

We work with the intention of doing right by the child.

Nurturing trust

We hold ourselves to a high standard of professional integrity.

We meet people as we would like to be met every step of the way.

We recognise growth and learning as a continual process.

We are committed to the ethos of team work and collaboration.


Company Values & Vision

Treehouse Practice is a specialised service for children and young people who have experienced childhood trauma as well as the network of adults and services that surround the child. As a multi-disciplinary team, we seek to understand the unique impact of trauma on the child’s development in order to develop a therapeutic plan that supports the child, family and system.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to strengthen the system of support and care for children and families who have experienced childhood trauma by providing tailored therapeutic pathways and collaborating with parents, carers, schools and wider systems. Our values, which are at the heart of the business, are the principles that define how we work.


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